About Me

Seasoned Experience Designer, Globally competitive, innovative, and accomplished professional, offering more than 13+ years of experience in UX design,  Creative Marketing and Consulting; coupled with proven success in improving products and service experience, as well as increasing brand awareness

Passion for understanding User Behavior, Designing Products and Services that aligning User Psychology with Business Goals. Adept at maximizing business opportunities, developing and maintaining strong channel models, along with enhancing brand value through social media listening, selling, and analytics. Adept at structuring marketing initiatives and campaigns; implementing growth tactics; addressing client needs; and formulating tactical action plans to achieve results and ensure customer satisfaction.  Experienced in integrating social media messaging products messaging products with Fortune 500 client base, as well as facilitating customer discovery workshops to understand and evaluate customer goals, challenges, and opportunities to develop business-to-consumer solutions that provide value for the brand. Equipped with exemplary communication and interpersonal aptitudes, essential in establishing business partnership and rapport with marketing decision makers and professionals at all levels